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A blind child under the age of 5, has a 50% chance of survival.


The Need

Of the 120+ eye-doctors currently employed in Ethiopia, most work in Addis Ababa for NGOs. Only some 60 doctors remain to serve the entire Ethiopian population (about 1 eye doctor per 1.5 million people). In rural areas no such services are available at all.  It is no wonder then, that Ethiopia has one of the highest rates of cataract and blindness in the world.

Deep into the parched bush, far from any city, Ethiopia’s lower Omo Valley is a lost world. Some 15 semi nomadic tribes inhabit a region roughly 3 times the size of the state of Israel. Many blind man, women & children who live in this part of the world can not and will never see. An operation that takes minutes can change their lives - we are here to serve them at the Jinka Eye Clinic.

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The Jinka Eye Unit

The eye unit was formed in 2008 with the goal of providing quality eye care services by skilled manpower.  
The Unit Provides year round eye treatment including cataract surgery, Trachoma surgery optometrist service, school screening and many other common treatments.  

In addition, a yearly campaign among the local tribes in remote areas of the bush enables treatment for those who cannot reach the hospital.


  • Treating thousands of patients and performing hundreds of eye surgeries each year.

  • Operating a local independent medical unit for treating the population of the Lower Omo Valley.  

  • Maintaining a working staff with scientific and medical capabilities.

  • Offering treatments in remote communities.

  • Forming local, regional and international collaborations.

Contact Us

Secondary Eye Care Unit Jinka Hospital

Seid Idris - cataract surgeon

Email -

Cell - (+251) - 0913205631

Medical director office - (+251)- 0467750046

Jinka Hospital: Monday - Friday 3:00 - 11:00 (local time)

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